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Senior Olympics on Fairfax Lions Bocce Ball Court

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A few years ago, Fairfax Lions Club volunteers built a Bocce Ball court at the Fairfax City’s Green Acres Senior Center. Lion Bill Trent led that effort. The Northern Virginia Senior Olympics bocce competition on Sep 14, 2017, was held on that very court. Full story at  Fairfax Lons Club – WE SERVE!

Senior Center Bocce Ball Court




Lions Award Major Catastrophe Grant in Puerto Rico

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Recent disasters struck several places with devastating results – among them hurricanes in the US and Caribbean islands.  Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF, which all Lions Clubs contribute to) has awarded a $100,000 grant to support relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricane destruction. Emergency and major catastrophe grants allow Lions on scene to provide much-needed supplies.

LCIF makes emergency grants to local Lions; Lions in the disaster area work with local government officials and other agencies to ensure the right supplies getto areas most in need, without duplication of effort.

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Lions Recycle Record Number of Donated Eyeglasses

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Fairfax Lions collect eyeglasses donated by area residents, and provide them to people in need. There are collection boxes at numerous locations; see list at:

September, 2017, was a bountiful month; we collected 921 pairs of eyeglasses (and 4 hearing aids – which we also recycle for persons in need). We thank everyone their donations!

Lions clean, inspect, categorize, and package the donated glasses at the LIONS EYEGLASS RECYCLING CENTER OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA in Arlington, VA This volunteer service is especially rewarding when you consider the number of people who can see better after receiving a pair of recycled eyeglasses.  WE SERVE!

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