Charity Fund Raiser – Lions Dinner June 14th

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Join Fairfax Lions and guests, Wednesday, June 14th, for our monthly fund raising dinner at The Auld Shebeen restaurant, 3971 Chainbridge Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030.  This is a charity fund raiser!

Meet at 6:30 pm for Happy Hour prices on beverages & appetizers. Ask to “Sit with the Lions Group” in the Yeats Library dining room. Order from regular menu; separate checks; pay your own bill.

The Auld Shebeen donates 15% of what we spend to Fairfax Lions Charities – to help folks in our community!  Charity funds raised at this event enable us to purchase new eyeglasses for folks in our community who need corrective glasses but cannot afford to pay for them.

Parking: Old Town Plaza city garage, 3955 Chain Bridge Rd (access from Rte 123/Chain Bridge Rd or University Dr). Take elevator to 4th level, walk past plaza shops, cross North St at the light to The Auld Shebeen.

No reservations necessary. Questions:  leave a comment (click on Leave a comment  ), or send an email to…[email protected]

Join us at…

Thank You for Supporting Our March Fruit Sale

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The Fairfax Lions thank you for supporting our March 9-11 fruit sale, the last sale until November 16-18, 2017.  Cold weather resulted in slightly fewer sales then anticipated, but your purchases enabled us to fund a good portion of our upcoming charity activities.  It is ONLY because of you wonderful members of our community that support us, that we are able to carry out significant charity programs over the coming year.

March 9-11, 2017: Another Successful Charity Fund Raiser

See examples of our charity programs at Charity Programs

Vision Screening

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Fairfax Lions conducted vision screening as part of the Fairfax City Chocolate Lover’s Festival on Feb 4.  79 people were screened, using portable SPOT equipment. Most of the 79 were children, including two pairs of twins.  A total of 11, or 14%, were referred to an optometrist for a complete exam.

A Channel 12 camera crew filmed the vision screening as part of other activites.  It aired on Channel 12 (Fairfax City channel) on Feb 15 at 2PM and 6PM each day. This link is to a 30+ minute video; the Lions vision screening starts at about the 7:35 minutes mark:

These events are special because they involve lots of families. Parents want young children screened, and find they are amazed with the technology and also want to be screened. The biggest kudos came from adults and teenagers who realized that we could screen their vision while they are wearing glasses or contacts, and advise them if the prescription needs to be updated.  Our thanks to Fairfax City for hosting the event!

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