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Jim Graham, of the non-profit Every1CanWork, spoke to Fairfax Lons at their dinner meeting on April 1, 2014.  Every1CanWork has opened a Fairfax store called Cameron’s Chocolates. It exists for the purpose of employing disabled persons who work in parallel with non-disabled.  Cameron’s Chocolates provides meaningful work opportunities for persons who otherwise might not find employment anywhere.  Jim told the Lions about a 24 year-old woman who received the first paycheck in her life working at Cameron’s Chocolates.  The employees are given business cards which boost their self-pride and motivation.

This initiative has been reported on by ABC-7 TV news; see  (you must watch a commercial first) Cameron’ Chocolates is located near Fairfax Circle.

More information is available at   Join us there for coffee, pastry or chocolate!

Photo – Jim Graham speaks to Fairfax Lions

Jim Graham - Every1CanWork