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Lions Club Hears About World Poverty

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Our guest speakers on July 20 were Abby and Tejas, representing the “Borgen Project.”  The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty.  It serves as an innovative, national-level campaign to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy.   The Borgen Project web page:

Abby and Tejas Speak about World Poverty

Abby and Tejas told us about world poverty, that 689 million persons around the world (10% of the worlds population) live in extreme poverty – that is, exist on less than $1.90 per person each day.  And, 2/3’s of those are children. The Borgen Project tries rto make a difference by focusing political attention on the situation.

Revolutionary War Soldier Speaks

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We were honored a re-enactor from the 1st Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line joined us at our Club dinner meeting on July 6. It was also a pleasure to welcome guests and potential members to the Club meeting. (YOU are cordially invited to join us at any meeting, just let us know by email to: )

Corporal Peterson showed us the uniform and equipment worn and carried by Revolutionary War soldiers.

Corporal Peterson and Musket (with Bayonet Attached)
Corporal Peterson’s Equipment

The 1st Virginia Regiment’s webpage is:

Hot Dog Sales Charity Fund Raiser

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At the City of Fairfax July 3 parade, Fairfax Lions sold hot dogs and cold drinks to parade goers. We operated for 3 hours – just prior to & after the parade, and raised over $500.

THANK YOU to all who support Fairfax Lions Club – your help enables us to offer various charity programs helping those in need in our community.

Hear a Revolutionary War Soldier

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Visit the Fairfax Lions Club dinner meeting on Tuesday, July 6 for a special treat: meet Corporal Pete Peterson (re-enactor) from the 1st Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line. Corporal Pete will talk about the Revolutionary War soldier – who he was, what he wore and carried, and what he did. His unit’s webpage is:

On Tuesday, July 6 we meet at 6:30PM at American Legion Post 177, at 3939 Oak Street, Fairfax, VA, 22030

If you can attend, send us an email at: or leave a message at: 703-879-5795

Soldiers of the 1st Virginia Regiment