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Cleaned Up Trash on Pickett Road

Posted on April 21, 2019Comments are off

Fairfax Lions made our community more beautiful on Saturday, April 20, by picking up litter along our “Adopt-A-Spot” section of Pickett Road.  With unpredictable weather that morning, we had  breakfast at First Watch in the Fair City Mall.  At 8:45, the sun was out so all said, “Let’s do it!”  At the ball field, across from the intersection of Pickett Road & Old Pickett Road, we met other Lions and family.  We handed out “grabbers,” safety vests, and plastic garbage bags, and went to work.

Mission complete:  the entire job was finished by 11:30, including bagging up all trash in the large orange bags the City provided. Those bags were scheduled for pick up by 1:00 Saturday.  All Done!!!  Fairfax Lions – we serve our community!

We Thank Blood Donors!

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On April 10th, the Fairfax Lions hosted – and supported – a Red Cross Blood Drive.  The best reason to donate blood:  every blood unit you give can save up to three lives.  (Blood in processed by the Red Cross into 3 parts – plasma/platelets/red blood cells – each saving a life.)  

Mark your calendars for the next blood drive:  September 23rd!