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Citrus Sale November 15-18, 2018

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We raise funds for our charity programs with 3 citrus fruit sales each year.   The Nov 15-18 sale is coming up!   Sign-up for email notice and discount coupons at:


Speaker Talks About 7th Fleet Incidents at Sea

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Our dinner meetings (1st & 3rd Tuesdays, monthly), feature a speaker of general interest.  On October 16th, a US Navy Captain (retired) told us about incidents in the US 7th Fleet.  The most serious caused tragic loss of life, injury and major ship damage; they were due to degraded basic seamanship – that is, the safe maneuvering of a vessel at sea.

Anyone is invited to attend a dinner meeting.  You will meet the volunteers who are members of the Lions Club, learn about community service programs we do, and enjoy a nice meal.  Interested?  RSVP to

On Oct 16th, we also learned about a new “font” designed to boost memory.

Retain more with “Sans Forgetica” Font



Thank You for Supporting Lions Charity Programs

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We enjoyed a great day meeting our neighbors at the Fairfax Fall Festival on Saturday, October 13th.

We sold brats & dogs, and beer & wine at our October-Fest fund raiser…and all proceeds go directly to our charity programs (which you can read more about on this webpage).

Thank YOU for supporting us!

Lions Selling Beer and Wine at the Fest



Lions October-Fest Food Booth, Oct 13, 2018

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Visit the Lions October-Fest charity fund raiser on Saturday October 13th, 9am-5pm.  Location:  Food Court at intersection of University Dr & Sager Av, Fairfax City Fall Festival.  Enjoy good fall weather (hopefully), a brat & beer or wine/soft-beverage, and support the Lions Club….ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO LIONS CHARITY PROGRAMS.

Military Deception in WW II

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At the Fairfax Lions Club dinner meeting on October 2, 2018, the discussion topic was military deception in World War II.  Below is a chart that outlines four topics discussed…

Regarding the last deception topic, the “Ghost Army”…even the existence of that US Army unit (the “23rd Headquarters Special Troops”) is still not widely known – because military security restrictions precluded release of any information about it for 50 years after WW II ended.  It is a very interesting story, see this internet location: