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Eyeglass Recycling

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 During this virus shutdown period, about the only recurring service activity we still have in process is our eyeglass recycling. We collect donated eyeglasses, provide them to a Lions Recycling Center where they are processed and provided to mission teams to dispense around the world. 

But, even that is curtailed.  The new Lions recycling center for performing the actual processing of the eyeglasses remains closed to volunteer workers.

Our club still picks-up donated eyeglasses (and the occasional hearing aids) from our collection boxes around the community, and delivers them to the recycling center.  

At some point, the center will open and we can again show-up to offer our services to characterize eyeglasses for sorting, boxing, and delivery by medical mission teams.

Our most recent report from the Club’s Eyeglass Recycling Committee states, for the past year (July 2019 – June 2020) we collected 10,138 pair of donated eyeglasses, and delivered them to the recycling center.

A Collection Box for Donated Eyeglasses

Lions March in Memorial Day Parade

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The National Memorial Day Parade was to be held in Washington DC, May 26, 2020. But the health situation forced cancelation.

The link below is a video replay of the entire parade from 2019. You can see representatives of several Lions Club marching, starting at minute 49:21 in the video, and also an ad for Lions Clubs at 1:11:40. 

Lions Donate $1000 for Vision Programs

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Fairfax Lions Club received a thank you note for our recent $1000 donation to Virginia Lions Eye Institute Foundation (VLEIF).

This donation supports:

  1. The INOVA Lions Eye Clinic in Fairfax Hospital: it performs 4200 examinations and 250 free eye surgeries in a typical year.
  2. Joe Lipomi Memorial Scholastic Grants: in 2018, Scholastic Grants totaling $60,000 went to 23 visually challenged students.
  3. The Low Vision Learning Center in Alexandria,VA: it serves individuals with chronic vision loss, that cannot be improved with conventional glasses or contact lenses. VLEIF provides equipment to examine patients, and visual aids for rehabilitation.

The donation helps those in need in our community, and it is possible only because our community supports our Lions Club charity fund raisers. You have enabled our service mission for 70 years; we thank you!

New Lions Club President

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On July 1, 2020, the Lions begin a new fiscal year with newly elected officers. Fairfax Lions’ new Club President (we call that office, King Lion) offers a few words for all.