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Britepaths Speaks to Lions

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Britepaths is a worthy charitable organization in Northern VA. Its mission: stabilize low-wealth working families, build resilience through financial empowerment and workforce development, and provide support for children.

Parker Garcia (BP Community Development Mgr) tells Fairfax Lions about Britepaths; $25 helps one deserving student: donate
Fairfax Lions Thank (left) Abra Kurt (BP Development Dir), and Harper Garcia for telling us about Britepaths

Volunteer of the Year

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In a ceremony on August 3, 2023, Lion Ken Schutz was recognized as the Fairfax Lions Club Volunteer of the Year.

(L-R) City of Fairfax Mayor Catherine Reed, Lion Ken Schutz (with Certificate), ISCC President Al Leightley, and Fairfax Lions Club President Greg DeRosa

The ceremony honors all volunteers of the year in. the community, and is hosted by the City of Fairfax Inter-Service Club Council (ISCC).

All Volunteers of the Year honored on August 3, 2023

The Red Tails

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At the August 1st meeting, our speaker was Fairfax Lion Doug Brisson who knows a lot about the Tuskegee Airmen – also know as “The Red Tails.”

Doug told us about that group of Black military pilots (both fighter and bomber) and airmen who were trained at Tuskegee, Alabama and who went on to fight heroically in World War II. The airmen are known for six principles fundamental to their individual and group success. Doug gave out red dog tags showing the six principles.

Guests are invited at any Lions dinner meeting; just CONTACT US if you are interested.

Vienna Lions Join Fairfax Lions

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Eleven hard working Lions, formerly of Vienna Host Lions Cub, transferred their membership to Fairfax Lions Club. Their talents, experience, and dedication adds significantly to Fairfax Lions Club’s ability to serve our community!

A legacy Vienna Lions charity event: Dining at Foster’s Grille, 2nd Tuesday of each month. Have a meal there, Aug 8th; all proceeds go to Lions Charity programs!