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Pre-School Vision Screening

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On March 12 and 13, Fairfax Lions used the portable SPOT vision screening system to check the vision of children in Fairfax United Methodist Church’s Pre-School.

Spot Vision Screening Camera

The Pre-school had arranged parental permissions ahead of time, so the actual screening process was fast – just about a minute with each child (and adult – we also screened adult school staff).  Screening youngsters goes very quickly anyway, as children’s eyes adjust rapidly to light conditions and the SPOT camera takes its measurements very fast.




Lion Mike Greeley Operates SPOT Camera Measuring this Pre-Schooler’s Vision






If Measurements were “Within Range,” we showed the child this report from the SPOT system

If was fun interacting with the children. And it was rewarding to be able to identify children whose screening results recommended a complete eye examination.

Sample Recommendation Provided to Pre-School Staff for Discussion with Parents

Results:  Over the 2 days, we screened 7 adults (no referrals) and 65 students age 3-6. Six of the 65 students screened (9%) were referred for follow-up care.

Fairfax Lions – WE SERVE!

Bland Music Contest

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Since 1948, Lions Clubs across VA have held music competitions and awarded cash scholarships to youth at regional and state levels.  They are called “Bland Music Contests,” named for the African-American composer James A. Bland (1854–1911), who was one of the greatest writers of American folk songs and composed over 700 songs.

On March 10th, Northern VA Lions Clubs hosted eight persons in a competition.  Shown in the photo (L to R): Yanglan Xu (Oakton HS), Yasmin Gerardi (Potomac Falls HS), Rebecca Lipshultz, (Potomac Falls HS), Angela Zhang (Cooper MS), Noah Zimmerman ((James Madison HS), Raelyn Hoang (Mercer MS), and Kayleigh Hoang (John Champe HS).  Not shown: Claire Wang (Cooper MS).

Congratulations to the both the top two vocalists and instrumentalists who received cash awards and now advance to the next level of competition:  Raelyn Hoang, Rebecca Lipshultz, Angela Zhang, and Yasmin Gerardi.  Presenting the awards of Fairfax Lion Jeff Root.







Northern VA Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (EGRC)

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Several Fairfax Lions serve twice each month at the EGRC.  Their work includes collecting and taking to the center donated eyeglasses (can be several hundred pair of eyeglasses each trip) and “processing” eyeglasses for a few hours. Processing means running a pair of cleaned/serviceable eyeglasses through a machine that defines the corrective prescription, labeling a bag with the prescription, and bagging the glasses. Donated hearing aides are also taken to the center.  A summary of this service so far in this Lions year, by the team from Fairfax Lions Club:

  • Delivered 4759 pair of donated eyeglasses
  • Delivered 7 donated hearing aids
  • Worked 127 hours processing eyeglasses

The results generated by ALL Lions Clubs in our District 24-A are very impressive, in terms of the numbers of donated eyeglasses recycled and delivered to persons in need:

  • USABLE EYEGLASSES collected across all Northen VA (Lions DISTRICT 24-A):   82,299 pairs collected
  • Requests for EYEGLASSES filled (delivered to persons in need)

10-4-17                Guatemala                         1800

10-4-17                Guatemala                         1200

10-10-17              Uganda                               1600

10-11-17              Haiti                                     600

10-12-17              Panama                              1200

10-13-17              Guatemala                         1000

10-15-17              Panama                              1200

10-20-17              Dominican Republic         1200

11-9-17                Haiti                                     300

11-9-17                Nigeria                                1500

11-9-17                Nigeria                                2450

11–13-17            India                                    1400

11-13-17              Ghana                                 1400

11-13-17              Guatemala                         1000

11-27-17              Ghana                                 6600

11-29-17              Haiti                                     600

11-30-17              India                                    1450

11-30-17              Guatemala                         1050

12-5-17                Ghana                                 1800

12-8-17                Ghana                                 6600

12-15-17              Ghana                                 1800

12-15-17              Guatemala                         1600

TOTAL : 39,350 pairs processed and delivered