Pre-School Vision Screening

Posted on March 15, 2018

On March 12 and 13, Fairfax Lions used the portable SPOT vision screening system to check the vision of children in Fairfax United Methodist Church’s Pre-School.

Spot Vision Screening Camera

The Pre-school had arranged parental permissions ahead of time, so the actual screening process was fast – just about a minute with each child (and adult – we also screened adult school staff).  Screening youngsters goes very quickly anyway, as children’s eyes adjust rapidly to light conditions and the SPOT camera takes its measurements very fast.




Lion Mike Greeley Operates SPOT Camera Measuring this Pre-Schooler’s Vision






If Measurements were “Within Range,” we showed the child this report from the SPOT system

If was fun interacting with the children. And it was rewarding to be able to identify children whose screening results recommended a complete eye examination.

Sample Recommendation Provided to Pre-School Staff for Discussion with Parents

Results:  Over the 2 days, we screened 7 adults (no referrals) and 65 students age 3-6. Six of the 65 students screened (9%) were referred for follow-up care.

Fairfax Lions – WE SERVE!

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