Lions Learn About the World’s 1st Nuclear Reactor

Posted on January 21, 2019

Mr. George Tressel was guest speaker at the Fairfax Lions Club Jan 15 dinner meeting.  George discussed the film he wrote, directed and produced:  “The Day Tomorrow Began.”  It tells the story of a proof-of-concept chain reaction, designated Chicago Pile-1, that occurred on Dec 2, 1942 underneath the University of Chicago’s old football stadium with a team of scientists led by Dr Enrico Fermi.  That event was an essential preliminary to development of the atomic bomb that ended World War II.  The film includes a video clip of the atomic bomb exploding over Hiroshima.  That clip was taken by then Director of Los Alamos Lab – Harold Agnew – who was riding in the B-29 bomber that followed the Enola Gay on the bombing run. 

You can watch the entire 30 minute film at this web site:  

Lions Club President Karen Udell Parker Presents Gift to Mr George Tressel

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