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Report on Support for Vision Impaired in Vietnam

Posted on February 17, 2016Comments are off

The Fairfax Lions Club awarded this year $1000 to support vision impaired children in Vietnam.  Global Comunity Service Foundation reports progress:

Skill training for 15 visually impaired children from Quang Tri Blind School was initiated before Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It includes two main components:

  • Training on food making
  • Training on incense making

The objective of these two types of training are:

  • To equip the children with skills on making basic food that can serve in the family
  • To provide them with a vocational skill in incense making
  • To build confidence for the children in doing cooking at home in order to support their family
  • To change the behavior of the parents towards the children
  • To prepare them with a job skill for their future

The project will last for 2 months with the first months dealing with food making and the second for incense making.

At the moment, the first component was initiated with some food made for Tet (Vietnamese New Year). The teachers taught the children on making pickles from papaya, chili, carrot and mustard green. The process includes washing, cutting, bottling and cleaning up. The children were very excited to take part in this training since they did not think they could do the cooking before. This training will repeat for one month to make sure the children are able to master the process and can perform it back home with assistance from family members.

The next component will be implemented in March for incense making training.
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