Collecting Cash Donations for Local Food Bank

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Many people are going hungry in our own community, due to the health crisis. Fairfax Lions Club is raising funds for a special donation to the local food bank “Food for Others.”

The Falls Church-Annandale, Springfield Global, Burke, and Clifton Lions Clubs have all joined with us in this special humanitarian effort. We encourage cash donations from all individuals and organizations to combine with money donated by Lions Clubs.

If you can help food-insecure families in our community, send an email to: [email protected] or leave a message at: 703-879-5795

We will send you an address to mail your check (payable to: Food for Others). Fund raising ends on June 7, 2020; soon after we will present all donations directly to Food for Others. Please join us.

A Virtual Orientation

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Each potential new member of the Fairfax Lions is invited to an orientation to learn about the Club’s mission (“We Serve”), organization and operations. The orientation typically is after a nice breakfast with several club members. The virus pandemic has changed that.

In early April we conducted for the first time, a virtual orientation. The technology worked fine, and the new member remarked “This was a great meeting and I was glad to be the test subject.  I very much appreciate that everyone was able to accommodate the request and spend some time.”

Image of Brochure Used for New Member Orientation

Students Win Music Awards

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The Fairfax Lions Club hosted the regional Lions Bland Music Contest in the City of Fairfax Old Town Hall on Sunday, March 15.  Four instrumental contestants and three vocal contestants participated.  Two instrumental judges and two vocal judges selected top two performers in each category.  First place winners were awarded $100, while 2nd place winners were awarded $75.  Congratulations to all participants for outstanding performances.

Promoting opportunities for musically talented young people, the contest honors the life of James Alan Bland, an African-American musician and songwriter. Bland lived from 1854 to 1911, graduated from Howard University, and wrote more than 700 songs.  His songs include “In The Evening by the Moonlight,” “Oh Them Golden Slippers,” and “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.”

Seven Contestants with Lions Club Host
Congratulations to Contest Winners Who will Advance to Higher Level of Competition

Lions Visit Low Vision Learning Center

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Low vision refers to that which cannot be improved by glasses or contact lenses only.  The most common cause is an aging condition of the eyes called age-related macular degeneration. However, young adults and children can be diagnosed as having low vision from congenital eye diseases. Others may develop low vision from complications of diabetes, or the effects of glaucoma.

The Low Vision Center of Alexandria provides rehabilitation services to individuals who are visually impaired

 To learn about a new club service project – assisting patients to tele-conference with a Low Vision Center – Fairfax Lions visited the Center in Alexandria which provides rehabilitation services to individuals who are visually impaired; it offers a variety of tools and techniques. 

Fairfax Lions Hear Motivational Speaker

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Fairfax Lions heard from a wonderful speaker at our Feb 4 dinner meeting – Rick Rigsby – by video presentation.

Rick builds on wisdom he acquired from his own dad…words like: “Son, you would rather be an hour early, than a minute late,” “Pride is the wisdom of a foolish person,” and “If you are going to do a job, do it right.”  Good words, reflecting the presentation theme – “The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life.”  You may watch the whole video presentation at:

Rick Rigsby

Vision Screening – February 1

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On February 1, 2020, five Fairfax Lions participated in our annual vision screening event at the Fairfax City Chocolate Lovers’ Festival.  We once again partnered with the Fairfax Kiwanis Club, on the 3rd floor of the main fire station. The Kiwanis Club served a delicious BBQ lunch, and the Lions Club checked peoples vision.  We screened 70 people and 39 of them (more than 50%) were children.  Several were teens helping the Kiwanis Club, and the rest with families…three of the children were pre-school (age 2-5).  A total of 12 (17% of total) were referred for follow-up exam with an eye doctor (2 of the 12 were children).  The Lions team enjoyed working with the Kiwanians again – both are wonderful service clubs – and we continue to look for ways to partner.  Those screened, once again, seemed amazed that we are able to provide this service and make it so easy and informative. The key is excellent screening equipment which we purchased with proceeds of past charity funds raisers – we thank our community for its support! WE SERVE.

Kiwanis Club President Carolyn (center), with Lions Mike, Jeff and Marty

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