Local Realtor Donates to Fairfax Lions Club Charities

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Stephen Bilowus, a local real estate agent and member of the Fairfax Lions Club, is “giving back.” He has started a program to donate to Fairfax Lions Club charities 10% of his earnings from any transaction associated with a 2017 referral by a Fairfax Lion, and $500 per transaction in future years.  Stephen said, “I am proud of the wonderful charity outreach accomplished by the Fairfax Lions, and want to do what I can to give back to my community.”  At the Lions Club meeting on August 15th Stephen announced, “I am kicking off this effort with a $500 donation tonight to Lions charity programs.”

Realtor and Lion Stephen Bilowus

The Fairfax Lions have served the City of Fairfax community since 1951.  Their major charity programs include:

Fairfax Lions Club Charities

For information about the Fairfax Lions Club, see: http://www.fairfaxlions.org/  or email: [email protected]

Attributes of a Member of a Lions Club

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At the Fairfax Lions Club dinner meeting on August 1, Lion Ken Schutz’s membership report was interrupted by two Lion hunters “beating the bushes” for new Lions.  Lions Huey Sullivan and Marilyn Tanner, dressed in safari-like hats and vests, were focused on locating the attributes of new Lions.  They very quickly found the most important trait a new Lion should have – SERVICE MINDED, followed by LIKES TO HAVE FUN, WORKS WELL WITH OTHERS, ACTIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC, and CREATIVE.

                  Attributes of Lions Club Members

After their successful hunt, Huey and Marilyn carried their catch to the podium and mounted them for all to see. Their efforts were rewarded with a Lion treat from Membership Chair, Ken. Hopefully, others will be inspired to “beat the bushes” for new Fairfax Lions!!

Lions Marilyn, Ken, Huey Have Fun “Beating the Bushes”

Service in Lions Year 2016-2017

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Fairfax Lions raise money to donate to charitable programs and also perform hands-on community service. A summary of our service for Lions fiscal year 2016-2017:

                          Fairfax Lions Service, 2016-2017



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