Youth Cabin Maintenance

Posted on September 8, 2016

The Fairfax Lions worked hard August and September, making several improvements to our cabin at the Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp in Boyce, Virginia.  Improvements 1) installed seven, 48×48 inch windows, (2) installed ventilation fan, 3) restored metal roof, 4) removed old stone pavers and stove pipe since new electric baseboard heating was added, (5) installed decorative skirt around cabin perimeter, and 6) initiated staining of exterior.  

Led by Lion Ted Kuriata, several Lions performed these tasks (Scott Dulaney, Mike Greeley, Rob Higginbotham, Mike Schutz, Marty Lockard).  Less than half the building is left to stain, and the plan is to finish before cold weather sets in.

We seek volunteers for (staining exterior) on either:  23-24 September 2016, or 30 September – 1 October 2016.  If any perosns would like to help, please contact Lion Ted Kuriata at:

Youth Camp Cabin






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