Celebrate Independence Day with a Hot Dog and a Vehicle Donation

Posted on June 27, 2017

As we commemorate Independence Day, the Fairfax Lions Club thanks you for your continued support.

Our country became a new nation through the personal commitment, dedication and sacrifice of many thousands of colonials seeking a better way of life in the new republic.  This Independence Day celebration reminds us of those generous people and their contributions.

You can help celebrate the 4th of July by donating your vehicle.  Your donation will help support the Fairfax Lions Club in our mission of service to those in need in our community.

This link takes you to our partner, who will pick up your vehicle, sell it, and deliver the proceeds directly to the Fairfax Lions Club charity programs:  http://www.cardonatingiseasy.org/donate/?CharityID=3229


Buy a hot dog and beverage at the Fairfax Lions Food Booth – downtown Fairfax City at the city’s Independence Day parade.  All proceeds go to our charity programs.

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