Fairfax Lion Speaks to National Federation of the Blind

Posted on July 20, 2017

Dr. Suleiman Alibhai spoke at the  June 15, 2017 meeting of the Fairfax chapter of the National Federation of the Blind.  Dr. Alibhai, a member of the Fairfax Lions Club, is very well known across the vision impaired community. Dr. Alibhai runs a local low vision clinic which assists people with vision loss to find tools to enable them to achieve their goals.

Dr. Suleiman Alibhai

Blind and visually impaired individuals are disproportionately unemployed or underemployed when compared to individuals with other disabilities.  They are also likely to be marginalized and misunderstood by the “sighted population.”  At this meeting Dr Alibhai urged representatives of low vision organizations to educate and inform the public that blind and visually impaired individuals live normal productive lives raising families, working and participating in recreational activities just like normally sighted individuals.  Interactions between normally sighted and visually impaired individuals at schools, in the workplace and social/recreational events is one way to the bridge the gap between these two groups. While there are totally blind individuals, there are also many people who are classified as being “low vision” meaning they cannot see normally even with glasses or contact lenses. Regardless of the classification, everyone deserves the opportunity to interact and participate in society in a productive manner.  All should become aware of the issues related to being blind or low vision and know how best to engage with individuals regardless of their vision status.

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