Lion of the Year Recognized

Posted on August 1, 2018

Each year, our Lions Club President may select a Lion-of-the-Year.  The criteria and process for selecting that person rests completely with the King Lion.  Our club is a member of Fairfax City’s InterService Club Council.  A primary activity of the ISCC is a ceremony each year to recognize the volunteers-of-the-year across the many service clubs that make up the ISCC. That ceremony took place on August 1 in the Sherwood Center, a very nice city facility just off Old Lee Highway.  For Lions year 2017-2018, Immediate Past President selected Lion Marilyn Tanner as the 2018 Fairfax Lion of the Year.

Past President Marty Lockard represented Fairfax Lions Club, commented on the service mission of all Lions, and introduced the wonderful contributions made by Lion Marilyn Tanner to this community.  Those include Chairing several programs for our Club:  eyeglasses for the poor, food drives for local food banks, holiday meals for the needy, road cleanup, and reading action (books for children).

L-R:  Mayor David Meyer, ISCC President Pete Conklin, Honoree Marilyn Tanner, and IPP Marty Lockard

Please join us in commending Lion Marilyn Tanner for her dedicated service to the community.

If you have an interest in community service contact the Fairfax Lions Club at


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