Thanksgiving Dinners for 25 Families

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For decades Fairfax Lions have provided holiday food baskets to deserving families in our community. In recent years, Lions delivered holiday food baskets to local families selected by the Main Street Child Development Center. (Learn more about MSCDC at )

On Tuesday, November 25, the Fairfax Lions met at the MSCDC facility and presented Thanksgiving food baskets to 25 local families. We are proud to serve people in our community!

Top left – Lions assemble food baskets
Lower Left – Lions President coordinates with Main Street Child Development Center
Right – Lion presents food basket to one family at MSCDC

Thank YOU for Supporting Lions Charity Programs!

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We sold out of all citrus fruit at 1130 on Saturday, November 23rd. This was a very successful sale – we enjoyed decent weather most of the 3 days (Thursday-Saturday), we were thrilled to see SO MANY REPEAT CUSTOMERS, and the quality of the oranges and grapefruit was simply outstanding.

The proceeds from this sale will fund our charity programs for about 4 months! Look for our next sale, December 12-14 – we promise to order more Navel oranges and more Mandarins! Sign up now for email reminders, and the discount coupon, click on this link: Fruit Sale Notification

Great Customers Bought This LAST case of Fruit, Nov 23, 2019

Fairfax Lions Named “Outstanding Club”

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 Immediate Past President Karen Udell Parker accepted the award for “Outstanding Club” in the Region for 2018-19.  Only four clubs in the District received such awards for this past Lions year.

Immediate Past President Karen Accepts Outstanding Club Award

Thank YOU for Supporting Our Charity Programs at Oct 12 Fairfax Fall Festival

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The weather was good, the crowds turned out, and YOU helped the Fairfax Lions raise money for our charity programs. EVERY penny we raise goes directly to charity – you can see the various programs we support on this web page.

If you would like to know more about who we are, what we do, and how we help others in our community, come to one of our dinner meetings. We will be happy to include you in our service programs! It’s GREAT TO BE A LION!

We Hope You Enjoyed the Hot Dogs and Beer! It’s All For Charity.

Lions Screen Vision of Pre-School Children

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The Fairfax Lions Club completed a vision screening event at the Main Street Child Development Center in Fairfax on Oct 7.  Fifty pre-school children age 3 to 5 were screened, and ten were referred for a complete eye exam.  One of the referrals could not be screened after four failed attempts because the boy’s pupils were too small.  A 20% referral rate is quite high for pre-school children.  It is a privilege to be able to help identify possible vision problems in young persons.

Successful Lions Blood Drive: Sep 23, 2019

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The Fairfax Lions thank the donors who took their time to give the gift of life-saving blood!

On Sep 23, 2019, the Red Cross collected 14 units of blood at the blood drive we sponsored; all should know, every donation makes a difference!

The demand for donated blood in our nation’s hospitals is consistently high – hospitals need about 40,000 donors every single day! YOU can make a life saving difference.

Two Fairfax Lions Donate Blood

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