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Propane Taxi Supports Fairfax Lions Club at the Fall Festival

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The generous folks at Propane Taxi have once again donated the fuel used to cook the Lions Club’s famous fundraising hot dogs. As always with the Fairfax Lions, 100% of fundraising proceeds return to the community.  Propane Taxi‘s support will help minimize fundraising expenses, resulting in more support to the community.

Please come out and see us this weekend, Saturday, October 14th, at the Fall Festival! You will find us serving beer and hot dogs at our regular location at the corner of Sager and University from 10:00am until 5:00pm.

And next time you need a refill for your grill, consider supporting a local business that supports your community!

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BELL – Helping Blind Children Learn Braille

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The Fairfax Host Lions Club recently welcomed Nancy Yeager to speak about the National Federation of the Blind’s (NFB) Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL). The BELL program began in 2008 in Maryland. Last year there were two BELL programs in the state of Virginia, one in Richmond and one in Northern Virginia. Six students attended the 2-week Northern Virginia BELL program last summer. Due to the success of last year’s program, there will be four BELL camps this year. The two new program sites will be located in the Tidewater area. The program has grown exponentially and this summer the Bell Program will be held in twenty-nine states across the country.

The BELL program provides children, ages four through twelve, with two weeks of concentrated Braille instruction through fun, hands-on learning. This program is for all blind children who could benefit from Braille enrichment over the summer. This includes low-vision children, children who have recently lost their vision, children who have been blind since birth, and children who have additional disabilities.

The program is designed to run Monday through Friday for approximately seven hours each day. Not only do the students learn how to read Braille they also develop daily life skills such as cooking, cutting, money counting, reading and writing. They also learn to draw, color and do other arts and crafts. Most of these children have never drawn or colored a picture before. Each day also includes a physical activity or game, such as red light/green light, Frisbee and some sort of ball game. They played these games like sighted children except: they use canes when playing red light/green light; use a beeping Frisbee, and use a ball with a bell inside of it. At BELL, learning doesn’t stop for lunch.

Children make their own sandwiches of meat, cheese or peanut butter and jelly. They learn to spread condiments and cut their sandwiches. In addition to braille crafts, games and other engaging projects, children may also enjoy field trips related to the BELL curriculum. One or two trips are provided for each program. One trip takes the students to a local deli after a lesson on identifying paper and coin money. Each child uses his/her cane to walk to the deli. The children order their own lunch at the counter and then pay for it with money provided by the program.

The second trip is a horseback riding adventure. The children have an opportunity to check out the saddles and actually take a short ride with the assistance of the owner of the horse farm. Needless to say, the horseback riding is the favorite activity offered by BELL. At the end of the program, there is a graduation, where the children serve lunch to their parents and other guests, followed by a short closing ceremony.

Regardless of the financial situation of the parents, the NFB wants all blind and visually impaired children to have the opportunity to participate in the BELL program. With the help of the Lions organization, the program here in Virginia will continue. To learn more about the NFB BELL program, visit Should you wish further information about this valuable program, or wish to make an individual contribution, please contact the NOVA BELL Program Coordinator, Nancy Yeager, at or by phone at (703) 283-2524.

Citrus Fruit Sales Complete

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The Fairfax Lions thank you for your purchases during our  November, December 2014 and March 2015 citrus fruit sales.

We will return with fruit sales in November 2015.  Sign up now for discount coupons!

As our customers know – our fruit is as fresh as it can be, right off the truck from Florida. The navel oranges are always very good, and this year the grapefruit was excellent – as were the valencia oranges.

Your support of our annual fruit sales makes it possible for the Fairfax Lions to provide our many service programs across the year which not only help those in need but also support youth activities and medical research for our community.

Thank you!  We appreciate your support.

Fairfax Lions prepare signs advertising the March Sale

Fairfax Lions prepare signs advertising the March Sale

Fairfax Lions prepare signs advertising the March Sale

Fairfax Lions prepare signs advertising the March Sale

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Fairfax Lions Recognize Peace Poster Winners

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The Fairfax Host Lions Club recognized two Peace Poster Contest winners on December 2 and will recognize a third on January 6. Winners are:

Bailey Redler - Lanier Middle School

Bailey Redler – Lanier Middle School

Seungmin Lee - Rocky Run Middle School

Seungmin Lee – Rocky Run Middle School

Hailey Steen - Stone Middle School

Hailey Steen – Stone Middle School

Each winner received a certificate and a $50 bill.

Bailey’s, Seungmin’s, and Hailey’s posters were among more than 375,000 entries submitted worldwide in the 27th annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest. Lions Clubs sponsor the contest to emphasize the importance of world peace to young people.

Winning posters were selected on the basis of originality, artistic merit, and portrayal of the contest theme, “Peace, Love, and Understanding.”

FHLC Peace Poster chairperson Lion Jeff Root said he was impressed by the expression and creativity exhibited in the three posters. “It is obvious that Bailey, Seungmin, and Hailey have strong ideas about what peace means to them. I’m pleased that the Fairfax Lions were able to provide these students with the opportunity to share their visions.”

Peace Poster winners Seungmin Lee (Rocky Run Middle School) and Hailey Steen (Stone Middle School) display their winning Peace Posters and certificates with Lion Jeff Root, FHLC Peace Poster Chairperson.

Peace Poster winners Seungmin Lee (Rocky Run Middle School) and Hailey Steen (Stone Middle School) display their winning Peace Posters and certificates with Lion Jeff Root, FHLC Peace Poster Chairperson.

Congratulations to Bailey, Seungmin, and Hailey!


Citrus Fruit Sale – March 9 – 11, 2017

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Fruit Sale: The primary fund raiser for Lion’s charity programs

The Fairfax Lions thank you for your purchases during our  December 2016 sale. Come early to our March sale for the best selection of Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit.  They sell fast!March 9-11, 2014:

Sale Hours 8 – 6 Thursday-Friday, 9 – sold out Satruday

Fairfax Circle, along Old Lee Hwy adjacent to Home Depot

Also Selling: Vermont Maple Syrup, Virginia Peanuts, and Pecans. Bring this coupon to the sale for a $3 discount!

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Announcing our improved Vehicle Donation Program

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The Fairfax Lions are beginning a promotion this week for our new vehicle donations program. Donors can make tax deductible donations of automobiles, trucks, boats, motor homes, and other valuable belongings by calling 1-855-500-RIDE or by filling out an online form at

How to Donate

The generosity of our donors enables the Lions to support many local projects in support of our community. Since 1951 the Fairfax Lions have raised and returned more than $1,500,000 dollars to the community! We have provided more than 600,000 volunteer hours of hands-on assistance to those in need. The focus of our charitable work includes sight and hearing retention and youth programs. We collect and recycle eyeglasses, deliver food baskets to families in need, conduct an annual youth music scholarship competition, support Little League baseball teams, purchase new eyeglasses for individuals who cannot afford them, conduct 4 blood drives a year, support the Lions Eye Clinic at Inova Fairfax Hospital, and much more.

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